Gobi Sunset

March 3, 2009

Rock formation sunset. - Baga Gazrin Chuluu, Mongolia - Daily Travel Photos
(Baga Gazrin Chuluu, Mongolia)
f/8 ▪ 1/160s ▪ @200mm ▪ ISO100 ▪ Canon 5D ▪ Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8
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Rock formations on a tourist stop at the northern edge of the Gobi Desert. Thanks to Aussies, Caroline and Tim for inadvertently modeling for me on the next ridge over.

The seemingly random dimensions of this image requires a bit of explanation. It was a struggle to connect the 2 major elements of the image (the people and the sun) with the major diagonal in post while trying to maintain the rule of thirds with the clouds and rocks. This was the closest I could come but it goes to show, there's still quite a bit that has to be done at capture time to accomplish certain goals.

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