Barrier's Bounds

January 2, 2010

The moon sets over the far western end of one section of the Great Wall of China. - Jiayuguan, Gansu, China - Daily Travel Photos
(Jiayuguan, Gansu, China)
f/4.5 ▪ 1/1000s ▪ @58mm ▪ ISO 100 ▪ Canon PowerShot S1 IS ▪ Lens n/a
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The moon sets over the far western end of the Great Wall of China.

This photo was captured on the earlier portion of my journeys when my knowledge of photography was limited to the act of pointing and shooting. Somehow, though, I managed to luck out and take a salvageable image that even included the moon. One of the biggest differences I recognize between my "photography" then and my photography now is the care I take to compose a photo these days. It's not out of the ordinary nowadays to wait hours or to position myself just right when I'm looking for the perfect photo. In the old days, I simply took photos from wherever I happened to be standing, zooming the lens without regard to the effects of a wide or telephoto setting. On this occasion, the telephoto setting was the correct choice and I owe it all to dumb luck.

Don't worry fellas... more India photos coming after the weekend is through. The last of my panorama-rama to come on Monday!

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